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Guidance and Expertise: Navigating Meta’s New Platform Threads

By Steven Ramirez
Social Connections Manager

Threads is a rising star in the digital landscape, a fresh platform with untapped potential. Crafting a content strategy with limited platform knowledge may pose challenges, yet discovering its unique features and capabilities empowers brands to personalize their presence. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the journey to construct a successful strategy requires more than a day’s effort to see outcomes.

What is Threads?
Similar to Twitter, this app features a text-based feed that encourages real-time conversations on a range of trending topics and beyond. Embracing spontaneity, users can engage in discussions with others, fostering a platform that thrives on timely interactions.

Why Should You Be on Threads?
Threads is the new kid on the block, having launched on July 5th, 2023. In the initial stages of a new platform, early users enjoy heightened visibility right from the outset, resulting in multiple benefits. Taking gradual steps, brands are encouraged to explore Threads and dedicate some time to engage with them. This presents an excellent chance for businesses and creators to distinguish themselves, amplifying their digital footprint and generating a larger following.

Types of Content
Threads presents a content landscape comparable to formats familiar on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This encompasses a focus on text-based posts and interactive conversations, offering a generous 500-character limit. Additionally, the platform supports multimedia content such as photos, videos, carousels, and URL links.

Crafting an effective Threads strategy entails personal exploration, experimenting with diverse content pieces to ascertain optimal performance. Notably, the seamless transition of Instagram followers to Threads offers an advantageous head start, sparing you the burden of starting from scratch.

Since its launch, numerous brands have experimented within the platform. What sets apart high-performing posts is the personality reflecting the tone of voice. Similar to TikTok and Instagram, establishing a connection through relatable language is pivotal. However, the standout observation is that humor reigns as the most potent type of content.

Join the Conversation
CCOM’s philosophy revolves around integrating our brands seamlessly into ongoing conversations. Active engagement and participation in emerging trends and discussions on the platform are key. This approach holds the potential to enhance brand visibility and establish a distinct presence within Threads.

Achieving this involves engagement such as leaving comments, interacting with existing comments, and sharing others’ content. Notably, since the platform’s inception, several noteworthy threads have emerged, drawing participation from thousands of accounts.

Using Keywords
As of now, clickable hashtags are not a feature on the platform, but there are indications of their potential implementation in the future. Furthermore, the app’s search engine currently lacks the capability to retrieve content based on subjects. When searching for keywords, the results exclusively feature accounts that incorporate those words within their bios. Therefore, strategic consideration of SEO practices is advised when crafting content.

Can you Advertise?
This big question a lot of businesses are asking is if you can advertise on Threads. The short answer is No. However, Meta is looking to implement those branded content tools soon, offering marketers an avenue for future exploration into paid promotions. In the interim, brands are disclosing any paid partnerships through text on their posts.

Undoubtedly, a plethora of opportunities awaits brands seeking to establish a footprint on Threads. In this journey, patience is a virtue—experimenting with diverse content formats and remaining actively engaged in ongoing dialogues remain pivotal considerations.

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