Three Ways CCOM Group Effectively Shifted Communication Campaigns during the Peak of COVID-19

During times of uncertainty, it is crucial to pause and assess the current climate, then swiftly shift gears and make immediate adjustments to deliver effective advertising, media and PR campaigns. As an independent, minority-owned, full-service advertising and public relations agency, we have managed to understand how to stay relevant and resonate with our clients and consumers by readjusting to the new normal and providing expertise using a strategic winning formula. Here are three ways we have achieved this during the peak of an unprecedented pandemic:

1. Remaining nimble and agile to assist clients

At CCOM Group we were quick to explore and understand exactly how to deliver efficient campaigns to the unique audiences in the company’s rolodex.  We continue to give clients a powerful, relevant voice, while diligently working on going to market with new campaigns at lightning speed, proving that anything is possible when you have a team of professionals ready to keep the conversation going even in challenging times.

2. Rethinking the way services are provided to the local community

We had to go back to the drawing board, and in a timely manner, provide our clients with a tone-sensitive plan that would help them stay relevant during moments of crisis. This resulted in the swift adaptation of the National “We Are Here for You” Campaign  for Southeast Toyota. The multi-phase plan to support car dealerships currently allows customers to purchase a vehicle online and have it delivered to their home, defer payments during a 90-day period, visit service centers via a no-contact process and schedule appointments online.

Moreover, the Florida Power & Light (FPL) and Gulf Power teams developed a full suite of creative assets for broadcast and digital media, resulting in the “Neighbors” campaign, which highlighted the company’s move to extending payment for customers and supporting the community by suspending electrical disconnection in this difficult time.

3. Transforming preplanned experiential activations to online, virtual programs

Trade events became virtual presentations, with the Don Q team delivering a virtual launch for the company’s new branding debut in April 2020. Hundreds of miles away from the client, our team of associates leveraged video conference technology and a remote production team to record the content. In addition, large activations for consumer goods were transformed into trending digital influencer programs. In order to hit a larger audience that was thirsty for social content, our consumer goods client leveraged various platforms like Instagram TV and Zoom meetings to create compelling social campaigns. One of these campaigns leveraged power-house talent Gaby Espino who honored the front line heroes currently risking their lives during these unprecedented times. 

To speak more on this topic, please join our Co-Chairman, Manuel E. Machado, at the industry webinar “Agencies on Creative Impact,” taking place Wednesday, July 1 at 1 p.m. EST (register now in the link HERE). Along with other industry leaders as panelists, Machado will share how brands and advertisers are navigating the challenges posed by COVID-19. The virtual conversation will discuss the state of creativity and adaptability of brands to not only strike the right tone but also help consumers during the pandemic.

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