Empowering Hispanic Consumers: CCOM Group’s Campaign Raises Awareness for Southeast Toyota’s Hybrid Line among Hispanics

CCOM Group has launched an impactful Hispanic Awareness Social Media Campaign for Southeast Toyota, focused on educating Hispanic consumers about Toyota’s hybrid line of vehicles. Through a strategic messaging approach, the campaign aims to dispel misconceptions and highlight the numerous benefits of hybrid vehicles, while leaning into Hispanic insight to connect with the consumer. By emphasizing Toyota’s commitment to providing an exceptional driving experience while reducing environmental impact, the campaign empowers Hispanic consumers to make informed choices for a sustainable future.

Educating with a Purpose: The primary focus of the campaign is to educate Hispanic consumers about Toyota’s hybrid line, showcasing the advantages of these vehicles over traditional gas models. By emphasizing the improved fuel efficiency and dispelling any notion of compromises, the campaign ensures that consumers understand they are gaining, not sacrificing, with hybrid technology.

Breaking Barriers: Through research, both CCOM Group and Southeast Toytota identified certain barriers that need to be overcome to encourage broader adoption of hybrid vehicles within the Hispanic community. The campaign specifically addresses the following concerns:

  1. Familiarity: Unfamiliarity with hybrid technology is a barrier, especially among Hispanics. Most Hispanic consumers have not driven a hybrid, or don’t know anyone that owns one, so this technology feels outside of their comfort zone. Hybrids seem foreign, and are mostly associated with a “specific looking vehicle” like the Prius, when Toyota hybrids are available in all vehicle segments. To bridge this gap, the campaign’s messaging strategy was to provide easily digestible and relatable information about Toyota’s hybrid line, showcasing the features and functions that consumers are accustomed to without sacrificing the familiar.
  2. Reliability: Toyota’s longstanding reputation for producing reliable vehicles that consumers know and love, underscores the brand’s commitment to quality, assuring consumers that hybrid vehicles maintain the same level of reliability as their gas counterparts.
  3. Affordability: The campaign emphasizes that hybrid vehicles offer long-term savings through improved fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and potential tax incentives.
  4. Maintenance: The campaign educates consumers about the simplified maintenance requirements of Toyota’s hybrid line, by highlighting the reliability and durability of hybrid technology.

CCOM Group and Southeast Toyota’s Hispanic Awareness Hybrid Social Media Campaign provides valuable information addressing specific barriers, and promoting a positive shift towards hybrid vehicles, ultimately leading towards a more sustainable future. As Toyota continues to lead the way, the future of transportation looks promising, efficient, and environmentally friendly.


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