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Cleaner Energy, AI, and a Brighter Future – CCOM Highlights “The Power Behind Energy Clients”

By Sandra Pastrana
Senior VP

Adjusting the A/C to the perfect temperature, taking long, hot showers and charging our devices on repeat—guilty! Only to miss those ‘nice to’ or ‘must haves’ when they’re not available. If you only think of energy when it’s not there for you, it’s easy to take it for granted—but the reality is power affects more than our daily rituals; it impacts the world at large.

This year renewable energy is forecasted to generate nearly 25% of U.S. electricity. Switching toward energy sources like solar and wind could eliminate 4 to 7 million deaths worldwide from air pollution annually and can help minimize the impact of climate change, leading to less glaciers melting, storms, and extreme weather. The good news is things are looking brighter with a global race underway to meet net-zero goals by 2050, with many countries and corporations setting targets to decarbonize—going 100% carbon-emissions free.

But what a lot of us don’t know enough about is the power behind the energy sector. It’s a 24/7 affair with large operations, some 100K+ strong in employees with people, process and technology all working together seamlessly. Their mission goes beyond providing power every day. They’re looking years ahead to determine how to solve critical global issues today, while securing an energy future that keeps up with demand and protects Mother Nature.

The industry is pushing beyond traditional fuels to revamp existing and develop new clean energy sources like advanced nuclear and green hydrogen. Investments in renewable energy are growing YOY to further reduce carbon emissions, as well as help stabilize and lower energy costs in the future. Digitalization—with the use of AI, drones, robots, and more—is making energy and electric grids smarter, more reliable, and resilient. And more innovations are underway that will expand smart home automation, accelerate the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution, and soon enable access to electricity and drinking water in the most remote areas.

All that energy requires human power to drive awareness of the fundamental and extraordinary things happening. That’s where CCOM GROUP comes in with solid branding, strategic media plans and equally as exciting creative campaigns. We service legacy clients dating back nearly two decades. Our energy-specific clients include Florida Power & Light (FPL), NextEra Energy Resources, EverBright, NuScale Power, Florida City Gas and more. As an agency, we’re thankful to play a key role in supporting the essential businesses that have the power to shape our world and the future.

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